New Publish of the Website

   With the development and market expansion of our company day by day, to make our company and products available for more consumers,we eventually got the new website successfully published in the new year start, the best season spring.

   Seven parts are included in the new website

(Home, About Us,Product,News, Career, Inquiry, Contact us)

1>From Home, you can find the short brief of our company, link to the lastest news and get the 12 product categories,or get into the products details according to their application categories directly, some advantages of our company or the good news we choosed for you.

2>About Us, you not only can know more detailed of our company, our product category, market, but also can find our core values, our team,gowth, wellness.

3>Product, it means you can find the concret products by their chemicals name, here we made the products in English letter sequence, which can make you easy to get the one you want.What's more,you can find the details of the products by entering the link.

4>News, you can find the latest news of our company and related industries.which will make you better know the market or some technical info we shared.

5>Career, job seekers can find the challenging opportunities we publish, according to their talent and professional knowledge to make application.

6>Inquiry,any doubt, problem, suggestion or demand can be left message here, we will response to you at the first time.

7>Contact Us, if you wanna talk to us and understand more info immediately, here you can find the postsing address, email and telephone and person in charge.


At Last we welcome all people or consumers to enjoy us for win-win development.

Welcome to visit Qingdao BestChem Company Limited.

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