Ammonium Calcium Nitrate (CAN)

Ammonium Calcium Nitrate (CAN)

1. Properties

Product Name: Ammonium Calcium Nitrate (CAN)

Molecular Formula: 5Ca(NO3)2·NH4NO3·10H2O

CAS No.: 15245-12-2

EINECS No.: 239-289-5

Molecular Weight: 1080.71


Property: White circular granular, easy to dissolve in water.

2. Application

Ammonium Calcium Nitrate is mainly used as fertilizer, the composition of readily available nitrate nitrogen and reserved N (nitrate available after its conversion from ammonium nitrogen) is optimal for providing all crops with targeted nutrition. The nitrate nitrogen that is available immediately after the application and absorbed in water is taken up directly by the plant and nutrient losses are almost eliminated.

Ammonium Calcium Nitrate is a hygroscopic product and needs very low moisture to be absorbed by the plants. It is equally effective in water stressed areas where soil has low moisture. Calcium and Sulfur available in Ammonium Calcium Nitrate is also helpful in soil reclamation.

3. Specification:

 Calcium Ammonium Nitrate/ CAN FertilizersCalcium Ammonium Nitrate/ CAN FertilizersCalcium Ammonium Nitrate/ CAN Fertilizers


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