Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium Bicarbonate Baking Soda Powder


1.Industrial Grade Sodium Bicarbonate 
2.cas no:144-55-8 
3.white powder or crystal 
Food Additve  Sodium Bicarbonate Baking Soda Powder



Sodium bicarbonate / Baking Soda 
Chemical Formula: NaHCO3 
Purity: 99.0~100.5% 
Both powder and granule available

It is well recognized that sodium bicarbonate plays an important role in animal feeds especially as buffer agent and an alternative source of sodium. 


1. For ruminants, the buffering capability of sodium bicarbonate helps stabilize rumen pH by reducing acid conditions, thus improving the performance, feed intake and dairy cow productivity.


 2. For broilers, sodium bicarbonate could partly replace salt to assist litter control via providing dryer litter and a healthier living environment.


3. For layers, it could strengthen the eggshell, prolong the shell life of eggs at high temperature, and increase the egg production even in the late laying period.


It is also widely applied in swine, sheep, lamb and beef cattle feeds.


Meanwhile, It is also supply food grade sodium bicarbonate as the primary leavening ingredient in bakery industry, e.g. cakes, cookies, pies and biscuits.


The advantages of sodium bicarbonate as below:

  •             Both powder and granular available.

  •             Good free flowing property without sticky.

  •             Low level of heavy metals.


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