Multi-function Tablet

Product Name 


TCCA Multi-function Tablet

TCCA Multi-function Blue Tablet


Product properties 

Formula: C3Cl3N3O3

CAS No: 87-90-1

EINECS No: 201-782-8

Packing: 25/50kg bag/drum

Tablet: 5g,10g,20g,50g,100g,200g

Granule: 5-8mesh, 8-30 mesh, 20-60 mesh


Product Applications


1. TCCA Multi-function Tablet can be used in water treatment, swimming pool water treatment, drink water treatment and algae removing of industrial circulating water.

2. TCCA Multi-function Tablet can be used in dishware disinfection, preventative disinfection of houses, hotels and public places, hygiene and diseal control in hospitals, and environment disinfection in fish, silkworm, livestock and poultry feeding places.

3.Moreover, TCCA Multi-function Tablet can also be used in textile cleansing and bleaching, wool shrink resistance, paper insect resistance, and rubber chlorination, etc.


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