Ph Increaser

 pH Increaser

Low pH levels causes water that is too acidic. Pool water high in acids will corrode the liner, metal fitting and other materials while creating high levels of sulfur. This will also cause chlorine to burn at a higher rate, costing money and time. Water that is high in acid will cause swimmers' eyes and skin to become irritated, and swimwear will fade rapidly.   pH Plus raises the pH of pool water to care for acidity. Let the pool chemcials manufactured by our company help you and your consumers avoid issues with water that has low pH levels. 

pH Plus Features:

  • No waiting period to swim

  • Compatible with other pool swimming chemicals

  • Dissolves quickly without residue

pH Plus Note:

  • pH is a key component of balanced pool water

  • By adjusting the pH, cloudy water will oftentimes become clear



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