Oil Drill Chemicals- Calcium Chloride


We have 1-2mm, 1-3mm,2-4mm, 3-5mm size for Calcium chloride 94-97% min Pellet


1. Product Description


calcium chloride series 94%.jpg

Calcium Chloride Anhydrous Pellet 94%min

Oil Drilling Use

Desiccating AgentRefrigerant

Antifreeze Substance


2. Features:


Calcium chloride, CaCl2, is a common salt. It behaves as a typical ionic halide, and is solid at room temperature.

 It has several common applications such as brine for refrigeration plants, ice and dust control on roads, and in concrete. It can be produced directly from limestone, but large amounts are also produced as a by-product of the Solvay process. Because of its hygroscopic nature, it must be kept in tightly-sealed containers. It is used to turn kelp into a solid.


3. Usage:


1).Used in highway, expressway, parking lot and port and as a dryer to dry nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, hydrogen chloride and sulfur dioxide etc.

2). Act as dehydration agent when producing alcohol, ester, ether and acrylic acid.

3). Calcium chloride is a kind of important cryogen used by freezing machine and when making ice.

4). It can increase hardness of concrete and increase cold resistance ability of the construction.

5). In port, acts as fog removing agent and dust collecting agent on road and fireproof agent of textile and acts as a protective agent and refining agent used in aluminum magnesium metallurgy.

6). Act as precipitator in producing lake paint. It is a kind of raw material of producing calcium salt. In algae

 sodium and bean industry it acts as flocculation.



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Oil Drill Chemicals- Calcium Chloride

Calcium chloride, CaCl2, is a common salt. It behaves as a typical ionic halide, and is solid at roo…

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